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Our future is burning

While society edges closer to climate disaster, young people feel increasingly unwell. We have grown up in a time with crisis upon crisis, a time in which hope is scarce and in which individualism makes us increasingly lonely. We are expected to stand firm, look after ourselves and develop as independent individuals at the same time as we see our prospects for the future grow darker by the day.

We will not wait for our lives to be destroyed. Instead, we resist the forces that cause destruction and take care of each other.

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We live in a society where things cost money, which also applies to our resistance. We want to create a stable movement in which young people can organise, feel safe and have fun. Without money, this will be very difficult.

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By donating monthly you can help give the movement a stable foundation that helps us plan ahead and reclaim the power over our lives. Every donation counts.

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You can also donate via bank transfer to bankgiro 164-2289